A healthy, natural sweetness solution for food and beverage companies.

We all know that to be successful packaged food and beverage products have to taste great. We also know that families are more concerned than ever about making natural, healthier choices. It’s so important, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has made better nutrition a top priority for her public role in the administration.

With monk fruit, “great tasting”, “natural” and “better-for-you” can finally coincide seamlessly and successfully.

Food and beverage companies have been challenged for years to develop natural, healthy, great–tasting alternatives to sugar. Monk fruit is a solution that delivers low-calorie natural sweetness and great taste. Consumers trust fruit and associate fruit with healthy great-tasting sweetness. Monk fruit provides a natural source of pure sweetness from the goodness of fruit.

Powdered monk fruit concentrate is 150 to 200 times sweeter than sugar. This sweetness comes from unique natural antioxidants called mogrosides which are found only in monk fruit and have a delicious sweet taste, without the calories of sugar.

You can improve the nutritional profile of your food and beverage products with monk fruit. And because it’s concentrated, in many applications there’s room for other improvements like complex carbohydrates, fibers and whole grains.

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

BioVittoria’s vertical control of the supply chain from seedling to factory assures the quality of the finished product.

Our team of horticulturists manages the entire process from cultivating the seedlings of the great tasting Sweet-Delicious™ variety of monk fruit, all the way through to harvest.

A simple, natural process concentrates the pure sweetness of monk fruit and adds no artificial chemicals. Using a combination of infusion with hot water and multi-step filtering, the natural attributes of monk fruit are maintained while concentrating its purity and sweetness.

BioVittoria / Tate & Lyle Partnership

From April 2011, BioVittoria is partnering with Tate & Lyle  for exclusive global sales and distribution of BioVittoria’s low-calorie monk fruit sweetening products. Under the agreement Tate & Lyle will support its PUREFRUIT™ monk fruit extract range with sales, research, marketing and product development. BioVittoria will continue to manage the monk fruit extract supply chain, including seedling cultivation, fruit supply, and natural processing.

Sweetening with PUREFRUIT™ monk fruit extract means:

If you'd like to speak with someone about PUREFRUIT™ monk fruit extract and how it can reduce the sugar in your food or beverage products, visit the PUREFRUIT™ site.

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