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As a health or dietary professional you know the challenge ahead to educate consumers about making healthier food and beverage choices. Even with all the evidence about the dangers of obesity and the link between too much sugar and the expanding waistlines among American families, it’s still difficult to create dietary change when taste is at stake.

Monk fruit is a revolutionary game-changing solution. It is a natural, low-calorie alternative to sugar with the goodness of real fruit. Imagine being able to improve the nutritional profile of an array of popular packaged food and beverage products with natural sweetness from fruit - but without sacrificing taste.

Monk fruit is on a mission to help provide healthier great-tasting food and beverage choices for families. You can help spread this message by telling the monk fruit story to your constituents and stakeholders.

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These days we’re all watching what we eat and drink. Learn how natural calorie-free sweetness from monk fruit lets your family enjoy great-tasting food and beverage choices with less sugar and fewer calories. More

We’re on a mission to help provide healthier great-tasting food and beverage choices for families. Learn more and help us spread the word! More

Imagine reducing sugar in food and beverage products with great-tasting, natural, calorie-free sweetness from fruit. More

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