Natural low-calorie sweetness that’s right for the whole family.

Now more than ever we’re watching what we eat and drink. We look for less sugar and fewer calories, and we want to give our families healthier choices. But moms know that “better for you” also needs to taste great. The answer is natural low-calorie sweetness from monk fruit. Monk fruit makes great-tasting foods and beverages better for you by giving you natural low-calorie sweetness from fruit.

Centuries of safe use.

Talk about time tested, family approved! Monk fruit has been a traditional food in Asia for generations, and the first official record of its use dates back hundreds of years. The U.S. FDA has reviewed the safety of monk fruit and affirmed that it is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).  

So what will this mean to my family and me?

Now you can enjoy your favorite beverages, dairy products, cereals, nutrition bars, baked goods and confectionary - all with less sugar and naturally sweetened with delicious low-calorie monk fruit. Monk fruit is the natural way to reduce sugar and calories with the goodness of fruit.

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