Respected experts understand and support the promise of healthier foods and beverages with monk fruit.

Moms, healthcare organizations, nutrition experts, even officials overseeing school lunch programs all agree there’s too much sugar and too many calories being consumed in our diets. That’s one of the reasons respected experts are rallying in support of monk fruit. Why? Because it’s a natural, great tasting way to reduce sugar using the healthful goodness of fruit.

Here’s what they have to say about monk fruit:

Families looking to reduce their sugar intake should look for products containing monk fruit. Monk fruit provides natural fruit sweetness that kids love and lets families enjoy more quality, nutrient-rich options.” - Elizabeth Ward, leading registered dietitian and nutrition editor

I’ve been in the natural foods arena for decades and monk fruit is among the most exciting natural products to ever hit the market. Monk fruit is perfect for natural sweetness with fewer sugar calories in the food and beverages you use or share with your family each day, helping you make a big impact on your family’s overall sugar reduction.” - Linda Gilbert, CEO of EcoFocus and leading natural food trends expert
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