Natural fruit from a vine.

Picture lush orchards on an Asian hillside, swathed in sunlight.  Hanging from the vines an abundance of Sweet-Delicious™ monk fruit develops, matures and ripens for fall harvesting.  The agreeably warm temperatures at higher elevations in East and Southeast Asia are well suited to growing this one-of-a-kind subtropical melon. Each year Monk Fruit Corp. cultivates its GMO-free Sweet-Delicious™ seedlings, and provides them to a network of contracted growers. We train and supervise the farmers who plant and then nurture the vines until it’s time to handpick the fruit at each annual harvest.

Cultivated under expert guidance.

Monk Fruit Corp. uses world-class agricultural systems combined with environmentally-friendly farming and processing methods along the entire path from seedling to finished product. Monk Fruit Corp. is the only company in the world with in-house capability for the entire supply chain from plant breeding to finished product. An experienced horticultural team provides on-site guidance at the orchards, then supervises the harvest and delivery of vine-ripened fruit to our state-of-the-art processing facility nearby. It is “hands-on” at every stage. This level of control and supervision ensures the quality of the fruit, while fulfilling our mission to support sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices.

Bringing monk fruit to you with a simple, clean process.

Monk Fruit Corp. has perfected a simple process to capture the natural low-calorie sweetness of its Sweet-Delicious™ monk fruit while maintaining its pure fruit goodness.

Here’s how it works:

Crush – The fruit is crushed to release its natural sweet juice

Infuse – The crushed fruit is mixed with hot water to make a sweet infusion

Filter – The infusion is filtered, leaving a clear, fresh juice which contains the sweet anti-oxidants and a small amount of natural fruit sugar. Our monk fruit juice product retains the fruit sugars to make a delicious low-calorie fruit juice while our monk fruit extract is made by separating the fruit sugars from the sweet anti-oxidants which are then spray dried as a fruit extract powder.

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